Samantha O'Neill Biography

Samantha O' Neill, Global Supply Chain Planner, Boston Scientific Clonmel

I have been with BSC for 20 years joining the company in 1999 as a product builder. My professional career started later in life, returning to education when my youngest of 3 was just 2 years old. I graduated in 2012 with an honours business degree after 4 long years of working full time, raising 3 children and attending college in the evenings and weekends. A long road but very much worth it.

Once I graduated, I had a great opportunity to take the role of supervisor in incoming quality for a year while covering maternity leave for the previous supervisor. Once my year contract ended I moved into a production planning role for 1 year and then accepted the position of global supply chain planner 4 years ago.

I joined the women's network 2 years ago as I felt that it was a very supportive ERG for women as we juggle multiple elements of our lives while also advancing our career.