John Power

John Power

John Power, Business Consultant, Link14all Limited

John will chair the Webinar.

John has over 35 years' experience at Director and Senior Executive level in Ireland and abroad established Link14All Consultancy in 2018 and has worked on numerous projects in the following areas:-
• Sales Development in Ireland & Abroad
• Lean, Lean Green and 6 Sigma in company programmes
• Change Management & Organisation Restructuring
• Project Management in various industries
• IT/Engineering - Systems, Automation & Robotics
• Distribution, Logistics, SCM & Warehousing
• Inventory & Materials Management - Wholesaling & Retailing

Link14all offers:
• Specialist (not generalist) experienced support available to industry, quickly and efficiently. Can also work with other Irish consulting companies to supply hand-picked experienced consultants on a project by project basis.
• More cost competitive than traditional management consulting firms where resources are only deployed on a need basis
• Our consultants verify the ROI at the end of each assignment through a combination of client feedback validated by results (value calculator)
• Time taken to properly scope your requirements before providing a solution.

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