Paula Fyans

Paula Fyans

Paula Fyans, Paula Fyans, BSc Pharm MPSI DBS, Author of The Invisible Job - How Sharing Home and Parental Responsibilities Leads to Happier Lives

A graduate of Trinity College Dublin (Pharmacy) and UCD Smurfit School of Business, Paula Fyans has almost 20 years of international experience in the Pharma industry in medical education, scientific publications and clinical trials.

She understands first-hand what it is like trying to manage The Invisible Job (of parenting and running a home) while working full-time in senior roles. On taking a short career break to try to restore balance to family life, to her surprise she discovered that as a full-time parent the grass is no greener; it simply presents a very different set of challenges!

Her book The Invisible Job - How Sharing Home and Parental Responsibilities Leads to Happier Lives - shines a light on the default societal expectation that home and parental responsibilities rest with women and how the scale and value of this unpaid job is hugely undervalued, despite being the cornerstone of a happy relationship and family. The book features insights from many interviews Paula conducted with women about their personal experiences of the challenges of managing parental and home responsibilities, either full-time or on top of a career.

Drawing on her scientific background, it features extensive demographic, economic and gender-based global research into how responsibility for parenting and running a home is shared by couples and the ways an imbalance in this role impacts women personally and professionally. It highlights what employers and Govt. need to do to facilitate equality between men and women but also what couples need to understand themselves in order to avoid or escape this gender pothole .

Published last year in Ireland by Orpen Press, The Invisible Job featured widely in the Irish media, in addition to appearances in Germany and the US and Paula has presented on the topic to universities and global international organisations committed to achieving equality between men and women and greater fulfilment for all.

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