Ultan Faherty

Ultan Faherty, HBAN Coordinator West & North West

Ultan Faherty is Area Manager with WestBIC in the North West region with responsibility for the provision of business planning and project development support to new high-potential start-up projects and expanding knowledge intensive businesses. In his WestBIC support activities to the Halo Business Angel Network, Ultan matches private investors with pre-screened investment opportunities in start-up, early stage and developing business across many business sectors.

Ultan was central to the development and management of the Cross-Border BIC (CBBIC), a virtual BIC initiative between Noribic, Derry and WestBIC in the North West region of Ireland, with a particular focus on the development of cross-border networks and clusters leading to the economic development of the North West region as a whole.

Ultan also supported WestBIC's activities in the iFactory project, alongside Noribic in delivering bespoke innovation supports to small businesses with an aspiration to grow, compete and succeed. Ultan is also an Assistant Lecturer on Letterkenny Institute of Technology's Retail Management Programme and the BBS Lifelong Learning Programme. He has acted as a business and innovation mentor on various business development programmes including delivery of training modules to young people as part of various EU supported projects such as I SEE YOU and FUTURE.