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1st Choice Events Cookie Policy

We use cookies and similar technologies on our web sites to improve performance and make your experience better.Like most websites this website uses cookies. You can find information about cookies and how we use them below.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small files stored in your web browser to help the website interact with you. Without cookies, every time you visit a new page the website thinks you are a new visitor. This would mean for example shopping baskets would empty each time you clicked onto a new page. If you would like to read more about cookies in general, Wikipedia has a detailed article.

What if I do not want cookies stored on my browser?
You can block cookies via your web browser. You can find out specific instructions for your browser via Google. Please note blocking cookies can result in unexpected results when using a website.

What cookies do you store on my browser?
Details of the cookies we use on this site are listed below:
• Cookies which store click ids for clicks which have come from our marketing sources
• Cookies left by Google's Analytics software which helps us monitor traffic levels on our website
• We store information about our website's traffic. This helps us provide reports on your website's performance. It also helps us diagnose issue with your website should any occur. This includes IP addresses and information about the users' browser and the origin of their visit to your website. This information is stored in raw form for 2 months and then removed. After this point only counts are kept e.g. number of hits on a given day which contains no personal information.
• We store information generated by our website forms. This is stored for diagnostic purposes and additional redundancy should form data not be received at your email address. This information is held for one year and is then deleted.
Occasionally the way third-party add-ons store cookies change. Because of this the list above may not always contain an exhaustive list of the cookies which are saved. We do regularly audit the cookies stored as a result of visiting our website.

How do we use cookies?
We may use cookies for a number of purposes:
1. Essential cookies
We may use a limited number of cookies essential to particular services you have requested or for security purposes. A few of our sites use a cookie for a shopping cart function when you purchase services or offerings. In particular, if you have registered for a site or use a customer portal we may use a cookie to authenticate the pc or mobile device that you are using.
2. Performance cookies
We allow third parties to set analytics, or performance, cookies to collect and report aggregate information. These cookies provide reporting to us on an aggregate basis and so, do not identify you at all. We use the aggregate reports to understand how our web sites are used and improve their usefulness to our audiences.
3. Functional cookies
A number of cookies also support how our websites function, identifying your pc or end device on a unique but anonymous basis. These cookies may, for example, remember your language preferences or recognize an individual's activity within a single session.

We may conduct analyses of user traffic to measure the use of our sites and to improve the content of our web sites and our services. These analyses will be performed through the use of IP addresses and cookies.
We use web beacons and pixels in our emails to track delivery and open rates. Our email provider delivers cookies with our email to recognise a user's response. The results are stored and reported on against the individual's email address.
We ask both ad servers, DoubleClick and Google AdSense, to use their cookies on our sites to identify you as you leave and then to show you one of our own ads later, as you visit another site. This relatively simple process is known as re-targeting.

The cookies we use or allow are an accepted part of ecommerce and important to your use of our websites. Performance cookies allow us to understand our audiences as a whole and improve how our sites meet your needs and expectations. Many of the functional cookies are basic to how our sites and services work. The cookies we use for registration allow us to conduct our business online. Our sites and services, or parts of them, may not work properly without these cookies.
1. Browser controls
Most modern browsers offer you ways to control or block cookies. These browser controls will usually be found in the "options' or "preferences" menu. For more help, you may take a look at the "Help" settings or review this website for more details:
2. Ad cookies and targeting
You can find more information or turn off targeting by member companies at YourOnlineChoices UK,

If our use of cookies changes, we will post the changes to this policy. To contact us about this policy, you may email

This version of the cookie policy is effective as of 12 March 2019