Dolmen Design & Innovation

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First Floor 127


We are a product design + R&D partner. We help businesses transform their innovation pipeline by creating award winning and IP rich products.

We deliver true innovation across numerous industries: Medical, Consumer, Professional. We are a unique mix of creative+technical and we work best at the junction of R&D and marketing, accelerating products to market with deep technical knowledge and user insights.

We have over 28 years experience working with multinationals, SMEs, entrepreneurs and research groups. Clients include: Teleflex, Hollister Inc, Fire1, Coroflo, Palliare, Crospon, Medtronic, BD, Boston Scientific, Cook Medical, Stryker, Panbiora (H2020 diagnostics project), Philips Respironics, Aerogen, Tyndall, RCSI, Sports Surgery Clinic, N-Pro, Vasorum.

We make ideas work.


Consumer Insights, Discovery, VOC (voice of the customer research), Market Insights, MVP (minimum viable product), Demo Kit Build + Testing, Proof of Principle + Testing, R&D Support, Research, R&D/Design Team Capacity Build, Product Design, Concept Development, Prototyping + Testing, CAD, Detail Development, Advanced Visualization, CMF (colour material finish), Ideation, Interactive 3D Visualization, Human Factors, Usability, Design Delivery, Project Management, Production Liaison, DFMA, Design Engineering, Product Brand, Product Packaging, Product UX.