Leanne Delaney

Leanne Delaney

Leanne Delaney, VP of Medical Devices, Xplore Life Science

Leanne has 6 years recruitment experience, joining the life sciences in April 2019. At Xplore Life Science she heads up the Med-Tech Team.

Leanne has a plethora of experience heading up roundtable and seminar events event across, discussing gender positing within talent acquisition. A key ambassador gender diversity within the workplace. Most recently, Leanne heads up Med-Tech Talks, a media and podcast series - capturing medical technology innovation through communication.

Having a diverse workforce is key to success. According to the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development: "Everyone is different and unless employers take diversity seriously, they will fail to recruit, retain and engage the commitment of the talent needed to sustain and improve performance"

Join Leanne for an innovative discussion surrounding gender identity in talent acquisition. What strategies and methodologies you can apply to your hiring processes to close the gender gap. Collectively, we can help create a gender equal world. Let's all be #EachforEqual.