HGF Breakfast Briefing

Free Breakfast Briefing, hosted by HGF

Wednesday 20 September 2023, 08.30 - 09.30

Location: Conference Theatre, 2nd Floor, Galway Racecourse

Craig Thomson, Partner & Patent Attorney, HGF
Dr Jennifer Uno, Partner & Patent Attorney, HGF

Strategic Thinking on Competitor's Intellectual Property (IP)

Understanding your competitors' IP position is important for establishing your freedom to operate strategy, but can also provide early hints on your competitors' future commercial focus. For a start-up in the MedTech sector seeking investment, a good grasp of this issue is vital to be able to address investor's questions regarding IP risks. Without an appropriate strategy, the cost of such analysis can spiral and if not framed correctly can simply reveal volumes of risk that cannot adequately be considered. This briefing will provide guidance on how to set up a strategy for addressing competitors' IP that is timely and appropriate for your business.

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