Dr Siobhán Matthews

Dr Siobhán Matthews

Dr Siobhán Matthews, Managing Director, SCF Processing

Co-speaker with Professor Austin Coffey

SCF Processing Ltd was founded in 2001 in Ireland by Dr Siobhán Matthews and John Matthews to provide a materials processing technology transfer service based on plastics processing techniques and supercritical fluid processing. Since 2001 SCF Processing Ltd has provided its R&D service to company start-ups, SMEs, multinationals academic research groups and government bodies.

Now in its 20th year the company has grown to provide its R&D service to automotive, aerospace, building materials, energy and the medical device market sectors.

The company consists of 4 divisions namely,
• R&D
• Equipment design & manufacture
• Medical device manufacture (Class I)
• Custom manufacturing

We also conduct our own in-house R&D, which has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals, conference proceedings and has been recognised by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), the Portland Cement Association, NASA, and professional materials societies. SCF has funded research projects in Ireland, Europe and the US, and has welcomed students and industry partners from around the globe to gain access to our processing facilities and technology.

Email: scfprocessing@gmail.com

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